Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Book Review: The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan

The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan

Why I read this: Book number 12 in the series, and I think the last in the series :(

Genre: Young Adult, Middle Grade, Adventure/Fantasy

In a Nutshell: Friendships, coming-of-age, adventure, fictional middle-ages setting

Would suit fans of: Rick Riordan, Eoin Colfer

Rating: 4 stars. This book was back to the series' best

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If you haven't yet started the series, then I recommend it for easy, fun reads. They start off with Will as a tween and are Middle Grade books, and as the series progresses and Will ages, the audience for the books does too.
This was a very fitting ending to the series, I'm so glad Flanagan decided to write this book. It takes us well into the future with Will as an experienced Ranger taking on a new apprentice. It was able to capture the magic of the first books so well, and the narration by William Zappa is great, as always.

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